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We have more than 15 years of professional experience in claims assessment. Our team is made up of a multidisciplinary team that includes engineers, lawyers, economists, architects, etc.

Our methodology is customer oriented. The client is our main asset and is in the center of our activity. For this reason, our proactive attitude focuses on the following values:

   Professionalism: We provide the most suitable expert to the customer’s needs.

   Independence: Our work is not conditioned by external criteria, since we do not depend on any.

   Collaboration: We are not just a vendor; we want to be your partner, working together in order to finish the work according to your requirements. 


Loss adjusting

Preparation of expert reports in relation to:

• Contract analysis
• Study of causes
• Valuations
• Compensable Amount Proposal 

Risk Survey

Risk Survey reports intended for contracting or renewal.

• Physical risk analysis
• Security measures
• Capital to be insured
• Recommendations 

SIMETRIC HTS’s expertise area is the Jeweller’s block, it also has extensive experience in other sectors, such as high personal heritages, museums, art galleries, auction houses and hotels.

Our scope of action is Spain and Andorra, and we can move urgently in case the importance of the claim requires it.

Advice to the insured 

The Insurance Contract Law, in its article 38, provides that the insured name an expert, who must reach an agreement with the insurer's expert.

Although little used, this possibility allows a better defense of the interests of the insured and a faster and more satisfactory resolution of the claim.

It is important that the insured name the expert from the moment of the accident, so that the process can be started simultaneously with the other intervening experts.  


SIMETRIC HTS develops systems for the control of stock in your business. Based on the latest radiofrequency wireless technologies (RFID), developed and implemented in the industry and commerce, we offer to the market inventory control and anti-theft systems designed specifically for the Jewellery industry.

Thanks to this development we have launched our product tagKONTROL on the market.


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